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BABIČKA Kefir mango 1,1%

450 g

BABIČKA Mango Kefir is characterised by its creamy consistency and delicious, milky and sour fruity taste with a hint of effervescence. It contains a high quality fruit ingredient which contains up to 25% mango puree without the addition of artificial flavours. Kefir, whether flavoured or conventional, is currently one of the healthiest foods with its probiotic, vitamin and mineral content, and has an irreplaceable place in everyone's varied diet. Its regular consumption has a beneficial effect not only on the immune system, but also on digestion and the entire intestinal microflora.

Product composition:
Pasteurized milk, fruit component 10% (sugar, mango puree 25%, water, corn starch, lemon concentrate, natural flavour, carrot concentrate), modified corn starch, kefir culture.
Nutrition facts (100g serving)* % RI
Energy294 kJ / 70 kcal4
Fats1,2 g2
Saturated0,9 g5
Carbohydrates11 g4
of which Sugars11 g12
Proteins3,1 g6
Salt0,1 g2
Logistics data:
EAN: 8585000902810, Min. durability: 30 days, Packaging: 8 pieces/box

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