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Our story


Company establishment

Levické mliekárne was established in January 1953. At that time, the company consisted of factories in Levice, Bátovce, Tekovské Lužany, Štúrovo, Komárno and Nové Zámky, most of which have gradually disappeared.


In 1992 (27.4.1992) the company was privatised and named LEVICKÉ MLIEKÁRNE a.s. and it remains in this legal form to this day.

Quality management system

In 1998 LEVICKÉ MLIEKÁRNE, a.s. began working towards the quality management certification ISO 9002. The quality management system certificate was obtained on June 1 in 1999, from the renowned company "Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd., London"

LEVMILK as a trademark

Since 2002, our company has been registered under the brand and trademark LEVMILK, which reflects our belonging to the region of Levice and dairy production.


Our company's goal for the next period remains to preserve traditional recipes and production processes, even with increasing demand for our products and high customer demands on the quality of dairy products.

We appreciate and keep in mind every single customer who buys our products and thus helps us and Slovakia maintain the availability of quality slovak products on the market.

The product portfolio of our company includes cheeses with strong blue mold, natural Edam type cheeses, soft cheeses from our own raw materials, fresh and dried milk, curd, butter, kefir, children's desserts and a variety of lactose free products suitable for people with intolerance of lactose.


Quality management system certificate

Protected geographical mark

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Značka kvality 1. stupeň

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Značka kvality 2. stupeň

The company currently employs around
We process around
liters of milk

Our products are from the beautiful TEKOV Slovak region

We are proud that our company is part of this historically important region and that our production is located directly in Levice, in the present heart and centre of life in the Tekov region.

The territory of the Tekov region begins in the vast fertile lowlands of southern western Slovakia and ends at the foot of the Štiavnica Hills in numerous vineyards that give the region its distinctive character. The river Hron flows through the Tekov region, which largely contributes to its character.

The Tekov region is also referred to as the „ čilejkársky“ or „čilejkárskym“ due to the fact that in some areas of this region it is used a specific soft central slovak dialect.

But what is this region specifically renowed for? The Tekov region is known mainly for its traditional culture and unique traditions, which are still visible in most villages to this day. In the past, the inhabitants were mostly farmers who used excellent natural conditions for agriculture in the Hron wold and on the floodplains of the rivers Hron and Žitava. At that time, the peasants grew mainly wheat, barley, rye, oats, potatoes, corn and sugar beet. In addition to agriculture the Tekov region, was known for grapes and wine-making, especially between the town of Levice and the village of Hronský Beňadik, where there was an important wine-making area, which still exists today.