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cca 2,1 kg
cca 1 kg

It is a natural, semi-hard non-ripening full-fat cheese, produced by sweet curdling with rennet. It´s ripening, unlike the Tekov salami cheese, is shorter, thus retaining a higher lactose content. Like all our cheeses, Levice cheeses are without the addition of artificial preservatives and colorings.

Product composition:
pasteurized milk, food salt max. 2.5% by weight, stabilizer: calcium chloride, rennet, dairy cultures
Nutrition facts (100g serving)* % RI
Energy1411 kJ / 340 kcal17
Fats26 g37
Saturated17 g85
Carbohydrates2,5 g1
of which Sugars<0,5 g<1
Proteins25 g50
Salt1,6 g27
Logistics data:
2.1 kg: EAN: 296992, Min. durability: 90 days, Packaging: 5 pieces/box
1 kg: EAN: 279587, Min. durability: 90 days, Packaging: 6 pieces/box

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