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200 g

TEKOV SALAMI CHEESE is the main and best-known representative of our company's natural ripened cheeses. It is made exclusively from Slovak cow's milk, carefully produced by farmers, mainly from the Tekov area. It does not contain any vegetable fats, preservatives or colouring agents. It is produced in the classic production method with a high proportion of precise hand work throughout the process. The cheese grain is spread in vats by hand, giving the cheese a uniform texture. After pressing, the cheeses are carefully hand-picked, hand-worked into their final form and stored for maturing, which takes several weeks, during which time the cheeses acquire their typical delicious cheesy flavour.Thanks to this unique production process, Tekov salami cheese has become a carrier of the rich cheese-making tradition in the Tekov region, in the heart of which it is produced. Tekov Salami cheese is the only Slovak natural cheese to have been awarded the prestigious European 'Protected Geographical Indication' certificate. It has been awarded this certificate thanks to its traditional, decades-tested recipe, which is based on the classic method of production with a high proportion of precise handwork. It is produced in two varieties: unsmoked and smoked, which is smoked using the classic method of smoking on beech wood. TEKOV SALAMI cheese is made exclusively from Slovak cow's milk, which is carefully produced by farmers mainly from the Tekov area.

Product composition:
pasteurized milk, food salt max. 2.5% by weight, stabilizer: calcium chloride, rennet, dairy cultures
Nutrition facts (100g serving)* % RI
Energy1411 kJ / 340 kcal17
Fats26 g37
Saturated17 g85
Carbohydrates2,5 g1
of which Sugars<0,5 g<1
Proteins25 g50
Salt1,6 g27
Logistics data:
EAN: 8588000057016, Min. durability: 90 days, Packaging: 10 pieces/box

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