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BABIČKA Curd Honest Thick Lumpy LACTOSE FREE

250 g

It is produced in the same way as the BABIČKA Curd Honest Thick Lumpy by a traditional production process - draining, with a high proportion of precise handwork, thanks to which it has all the elements of curd from the time when our grandmothers made it at home. The only difference is that the enzyme lactase is added to the production process, which breaks down lactose into simpler sugars, which are then easier to digest for the people with lactose intolerance. No preservatives are used in the production and its high durability is ensured by a unique vacuum packaging. The curd thus produced and packaged retains its favoured lumpy consistency, refreshing sour-milk flavor and milky-creamy aroma.

Product composition:
pasteurized milk, milk proteins, cream culture, enzyme: lactase


Nutrition facts (100g serving)* % RI
Energy840 kJ / 202 kcal10
Fats14 g20
Saturated9,3 g47
Carbohydrates3,1 g1
of which Sugars2,6 g3
Proteins15 g30
Salt0,07 g1
Laktóza<0,01 g
Logistics data:
EAN: 8585000902513, Min. durability: 25 days, Packaging: 16 pieces/box

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