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porcie cca 125g

The secret of the new NIVA ORIGINAL GOURMET Mould Cheese lies in the new recipe and production process. In addition to the noble mould Penicillium roqueforti, special brewer's yeasts are added to the curd to give the cheese an extra dimension of flavour. The carefully shaped cheese loaves are matured for 6 to 8 weeks in a special environment exclusively on oak beds. All this gives the cheese its unique taste and two textures, an inner and an outer. The inner is buttery soft, almost spreadable, with a greenish-bluish marble texture.

The outer surface of the cheese consists of a harder rind with only a slight coating of noble mould. Overall, this gives the cheese a slightly sharp to spicy taste, which develops fully at the first bite. The new NIVA ORIGINAL GOURMET cheese thus embodies the 60-year tradition of production in Slovakia, and the cheese is comparable to the finest Gorgonzola and Roquefort cheeses.

Like all the mould cheeses under the LEVMIK brand, NIVA ORIGINAL GOURMET cheese is processed by hand throughout the entire production process, from the filling of the curd into the tubs, moulding, salting, maturing and packaging, making each loaf of cheese unique and under constant scrutiny.

Product composition:
pasteurized milk, food salt not more than 3.5% by weight, stabilizer: calcium chloride, rennet, dairy cultures, strong mold Penicillium roqueforti, culture Sacharomyces cerevisia
Nutrition facts (100g serving) * % RI
Energy 1396 kJ / 337 kcal 17
Fats 27 g 39
Saturated 18 g 90
Carbohydrates 2,4 g 0,9
of which Sugars <0,5 g 0,5
Proteins 20 g 40
Salt 3,4 g 57
Logistics data:

EAN: 267109, Min. durability: 40 days, Packaging: 16 pieces/box


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